Need help with home education?

Need help with home education?

Readers of AD2000 may be interested in what Literary Services & Home Education Support has to offer in the way of proof-reading, editing, writing, typing and a correction service for home-educated students

This can involve casual or regular assignments and big jobs or small jobs - with agreeable rates.

For example, home-educators might need someone to correct their children's written expression; a parish or business might like secretarial help if a full-time secretary is out of reach - including the production of modest newsletters; or recent arrivals in Australia might benefit from help in correct English written expression.

Service for the above kinds of work is by mail or e-mail. The first job will be free of charge and a written quote will always precede the execution of a chargeable assignment, so there are no hidden costs.

37 Russell St, Gordon VIC 3345
(03) 9483 8930 (message service)

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