Natural law

Natural law

Thomas A. Watkin

Father Bernard McGrath (November AD2000) exposes the many tricks of atheism when it is presented under the cloak of feminism, materialism, naturalism, secularism, etc; which means: "Forget God. He doesn't come into the equation!"

On the contrary, God does come into everything through human experience, replete with the "reality of purpose and design" in this world. And this human experience shows that the human mind is "essentially" different from all other material things because it can understand universal ideas that are independent of time and space like truth, beauty, goodness, justice, loyalty, compassion, forgiveness, etc.

And, as Father McGrath points out, "We know things both seen and unseen." Awesome? Ponderously so, yet knowable! The true beauty of it all. Thanks be to God!

Which all gives us a purpose in living, a way to combat all the "strong passions" like greed, sex, anger and aggression and turn them around, tempering them to a good end which harmonises the emotions bringing goodwill and peace to mankind. A "return" to the "truth and the natural law" of our Creator God and Father is the way to go - the only way!

Camberwell, Vic

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