National suicide

National suicide

Greg O'Regan

A Federal parliamentarian had the courage to say that demography mattered and the aborting of our young would lead to national suicide. It was no surprise when other milquetoast parliamentarians did not support Danna Vale; but why did she feel the need to apologise for speaking the truth?

Anyone that can count will see that without a drastic increase in the replacement birthrate of the major core of our population, other groups will become more influential by default. If that happens the continuation of our society as we know it will depend upon to what extent these new groups have integrated, in spite of the "multiculties" and politically correct in our midst who prefer the fuzziness of passive cultural diversity to active integration.

Given the pace at which her fellow parliamentarians deserted her and the space and time gratuitously given by the media to the manufactured instant ire of Islamists, there are regrettably many who are content to allow our society to suicide.

Farrer, ACT

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