Narrow way

Narrow way

F. Thims

Congratulations on a magazine so genuinely Catholic. It lights up the narrow way and warns us of the dangers of being side-tracked into broader and easier ways.

How blessed I've been to have had grand priests. A mixed lot, some cranky, but what faith they all had!

Their old sayings still stay with me: 'The straight and narrow way would be much easier if more people used it'; 'You start the day well when you start it on your knees'; 'Say 'good morning' to all but make sure God's at the head of the list'; 'Don't end your life in arrears with your Sunday Masses'; 'Don't try to go to heaven alone. Take others with you'; and 'The family that prays together stays together'.

So here's to the old days, hard days, when the narrow way was well sign-posted - in real black and white. And here's to the present day bishops and priests who'll put back the signs. We'd love to lend a hand.

Tugun, Qld

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