Naming a lost baby

Naming a lost baby

Robert Bom

During her visit to Rockhampton on 27 June this year, internationally known counsellor Anne Lastman said, "Giving an aborted child a name could help towards overcoming grief".

Anne said that the "pain of abortion often did not affect women until years later in life". In her case it took 20 years before the reality set in after aborting two children.

According to Anne, she did not only counsel women, but also men who suffered from grief.

Anne explained that of great assistance in coming to terms with grief and reality was to ask the aborted child for forgiveness.

Many women each year remember the date when the life of their child was terminated.

Anne said that "seeing the child as grown up could assist towards the process of healing".

Fathers and mothers have a spiritual bond with their unborn child. In addition, mothers also have a physical bond. Anne's website is:

West Rockhampton, Qld

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