Myths exploded

Myths exploded

Nola Viney

Regarding the article by John Young (April AD2000) titled, Exploding myths about the pre-Vatican II Church, I know that I am out of focus media-wise with my response in applauding it.

In my mind it provides the necessary contrast to the kinds of progressive Catholic ideas which people like Paul Collins articulate via the ABC and which appear convincing to those unaware of the Church's long past history.

Yes, our world has moved on in terms of technology and science, however, these are limited to the particular research so far done and the conclusions reached, let alone the sometimes ill-pronounced findings popularly announced.

I usually feel sad that people can make judgements and decisions based on such flimsy knowledge and understanding. This came to mind recently as I heard Mark Latham interviewed one morning on the ABC by Liam Bartlett.

Like a number of our radio and TV comperes and presenters, Liam is a product of Catholic family and schools.

I can appreciate that not everyone is a historian, even of the past 100 years, but rather a futuristic seeker; so where are all these younger Australians going in terms of faith? Being a parent who has had to cope with the "lost generation" of the Church for as many years as Monica prayed for Augustine, I ask, where are we going?

Nollamara, WA

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