MYSTICS IN THE MAKING: Laywomen in Today's Church, by Carolyn Humphreys

MYSTICS IN THE MAKING: Laywomen in Today's Church, by Carolyn Humphreys

Br Barry Coldrey

Laywomen in Today's Church
by Carolyn Humphreys
(Gracewing, 2012, 204pp, $29.95. ISBN: 978-0-85244-780-2)

This is an attractive book written by an established author to assist busy, modern women in their spiritual growth. Carolyn Humphreys is an American Third Order Carmelite and the author of From Ash to Fire and Carmel, Land of the Soul.

The threads of ordinary living, ordinary moments, and ordinary people are woven through a tapestry of the supernatural opportunity presented by Christ for us to live a transcendent life.

The apparently ordinary can serve an extraordinary purpose when illuminated by God's light and love. Humphreys invites women to consider the spiritual heights to which God calls them. She draws women into a dialogue, which challenges them to revisit core beliefs, opening themselves to growth through divine transformation.

The book's release is timely. In our hyper-busy, stress-filled society, many women seeking deeper spiritual lives are not aware of the vast potential which lies within them to find a deeper union with the Triune God through simple interior steps to holiness.

The reader is reminded how much she is loved by God. We have been given many guides to enable us to live in mystical friendship with Jesus Christ. Chief among these guides are: the Scriptures, the Church, Our Lady, the Carmelite saints, grace, contemplative prayer, spiritual friendships and community. In addition, there are the Sacraments, especially Holy Eucharist and the Sacrament of Penance.

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