Mutilated hymns (letter)

Mutilated hymns (letter)

Eric G. Miller

Over the last 18 months I have spent time in my original home-town of Adelaide, and found that in the suburban church where I attended Mass, the feminist element had modified many of the hymns to remove any reference to God as masculine. Where "He" or "His" occurred in the original, it was replaced by "God" or "God's".

In some cases it made sense, but in other cases it was just plain nonsense. I attributed this initially to a lack of orthodox teaching in the Adelaide Archdiocese, but now, horror of horrors, such texts have turned up on the projection screens in my own parish church in Perth. Whenever I see a mutilated hymn projected, it always has the copyright notice "Word of Life International" tacked onto it.

What I would like to know, from whoever has the information, is:

* Who or what is this organisation that is mutilating our beautiful hymns?

* By what right do they do this dastardly deed?

* Which Church or other organisation originated or sponsors it?

* Do we have to put up with this mutilation, or can we continue to use our cherished previous editions of such hymns?

I respect the right of a civil government to use inclusive language in order to remove discrimination, but that does not extend to our Faith, where Jesus Christ clearly said "I and the Father are one" and our Creed says "I believe in God the Father almighty, maker of Heaven and Earth."

Let us ask God the Father, and Mary, His Blessed Mother, to guide us in this matter.

Lesmurdie, WA

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