More new titles from AD Books

More new titles from AD Books

Worthy is the Lamb
Thomas J. Nash
From the Garden of Eden to Christ's Ascension, Thomas Nash illustrates how the biblical roots of the Mass go much deeper than the Last Supper and Christ's Passion.
248 pages * Softcover * $33.00

Letters to a Young Catholic
George Weigel
One of the world's leading writers on the Catholic Church, George Weigel offers a profound statement of belief and a remarkable tour of the global Church.
252 pages * Softcover * $24.95

Beginning at Jerusalem
Glenn W. Olsen
This book is a practising historian's reflection on Church history. Each chapter takes up a period of Church history and examines one or more of its central developments: in what sense does the Church retain her essence and in what sense does she develop?
236 pages * Softcover * $29.95

The Imitation of Christ
Thomas à Kempis
The Imitation of Christ blends beauty and bluntness in a spiritual call-to-arms. This illustrated anthology contains 40 memorable passages acccompanied by illustrated manuscripts.
93 pages * Hardback * $39.95

Nightmare of the Prophet
Paul Gray
Paul Gray addresses the vital lessons from the world's experience of past totalitarianism to expose the real challenge of Islamist terrorism today.
181 pages * Softcover * $24.95

The Primacy of the Bishop of Rome
Rev Adriano Garuti OFM
The mixed results of ecumenical dialogue since Vatican II make it clear that the Pope's primacy remains a major obstacle. Father Garuti explores in depth how this primacy is viewed by the different churches.
339 pages * Softcover * $39.95

The Living Flame of Love
Elizabeth Ruth Obbard
The amazing depth of St John of the Cross's spiritual experience is made accessible to all in this appealing book which opens up the ways of God in drawing persons to share in the intimacy of His own life.
83 pages * Softcover * $16.95

Dictionary of Ecclesiastical Latin
Leo F. Stelten
This concise reference book contains about 17,000 words with the common meanings of Latin terms used in Church writings. Entries include Scripture, Canon Law, the Liturgy and Vatican II.
330 pages * Hardback * $59.95

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