More Good Reading from AD Books

More Good Reading from AD Books

Introduction to Christianity
Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger
Before his recent elevation to the papacy as Benedict XVI, Cardinal Ratzinger produced a remarkable modern interpretation of the foundations of Christianity via an explanation of the twelve articles of the Apostles Creed.
380 pages * Softcover * $31.95

The Catholic Assembly Book
Fr James Tolhurst
Father Tolhurst, who is a member of the Birmingham Oratory, sets out in a prayerful setting the words of Scripture, grouping them under weekly themes, together with short prayers and sayings from the Church Fathers.
128 pages * Softcover * $19.95

Holy Daring
John Udris
Holy Daring explores the fearless Christian trust exemplified in the life of St Thérèse of Lisieux along an analysis of her spiritual teaching.
93 pages * Softcover * $17.95

The Hidden Manna
James T. O'Connor
This book provides a comprehensive study of the Church's understanding of the Mystery of the Eucharist - historically and theologically - from the first centuries to our own times.
398 pages * Softcover * $34.95

Looking Again at the Question of the Liturgy
Edited by Alcuin Reid OSB
Key issues affecting the Liturgy were discussed at a conference in France in the presence of Cardinal Ratzinger in 2001. This volume makes available the papers from that conference in English translation.
160 pages * Softcover * $29.95

Mystery of Creation
Paul Haffner
Paul Haffner is an English priest with a background in science, philosophy and theology. His book examines the key areas of interest to Christians in the light of present day issues like evolution, feminism, ecology and the problem of evil.
224 pages * Softcover * $33.00

Forgotten Shrines
Dom Bede Camm OSB
First published in 1910, Forgotten Shrines introduces us to the ancient homes of England's great recusant families and the lives of those who lived in them. It chronicles the principal relics and memorials of the martyrs linked to these sites.
412 pages * Softcover * $49.95

NEW! The Cube and the Cathedral
George Weigel
Can there be any true "politics" - any true deliberation about the common good, any robust defence of freedom - without God? In his latest book, George Weigel presents a powerful case for a resounding "No".
193 pages * Softcover * $24.95

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