Moral standards

Moral standards

Don Gaffney

Robert Garratt's letter (September AD2000) is very much to the point, especially in its conclusion. Relativists fail to realise that adherence to an external moral standard is a total necessity for a free society to remain viable. History abounds with examples of civilisations which either succumbed to despotism or rotted away and disappeared. Sybarus is the classic example of the latter.

Another historical demonstration of this law of cause and effect occurred in England. At the end of the Napoleonic wars it was a moot point as to whether this society would implode or explode. Under God's providence, humanly speaking it was held together by the efforts of John Wesley who didn't give a brass farthing about the progress of the Empire.

But because he called back the lowest social levels to their obligation to obey the Ten Commandments and various Christian teachings, as a by- product the British Empire remained a viable entity for another hundred years or so, carried literally on the backs of the working classes.

Where the Catholic Church, led by its bishops in union with the Pope, proclaims and teaches effectively, the future is golden. Where this does not happen we are already witnessing the results.

Tarragindi, Qld

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