Money talks

Money talks

Richard Stokes

As a youngster, a number of years ago, I answered the door to some Jehovah's Witnesses. I told them I was a Catholic, but gave them a small amount of money for their Watchtower publication.

I told my parents, and learned that this was a serious matter (i.e., sinful behaviour). We are not allowed to support those who teach other than the true Catholic Faith. It is the inverse of that Commandment of the Church which requires us to contribute to the support of our pastors.

This was reinforced by the priests in our parish.

I have never forgotten this lesson. If I am in a parish which teaches the true Catholic Faith in its entirety, I put money on the plate.

If there is no Catholic teaching, that is, the homilies are consistently about things like global warming, the environment or some other pet liberal topic like how bad the pre- Vatican II Church was, I regard it as sinful to contribute.

The same applies if the priest introduces unauthorised innovations (abuses) in the Mass, such as illicit ministers of Holy Communion.

If the money stopped, would the offending priests in Queensland and elsewhere connect this with their behaviour?

Morayfield, Qld

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