Bruce Dawe

'On the other hand, most are very uneasy about the idea that a fetus, five minutes before birth, has no rights at all and one minute after birth has full human rights.'
- Greg Sheridan, The Australian

Until that moment comes, the victim lives
with all the possibilities life gives,
and in such moments (which themselves may be
the last step in a process inexorably
urged on by personal discord, blank despair,
ideological fiat, or simply where
bored indifference rules) from such as these
(so rarely seen as fatal blasphemies)
a life's unlived, those instants make the crime,
Beethovens die, their music lost to time;
even ultra-sound, that new magician's glass,
spell 'exit' rather than 'entrance' what's to pass...
Such fatal moments whisper to the soul
and sunder many who would else be whole.

-Bruce Dawe-

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