Modesty of dress

Modesty of dress

Greg Byrne

I think that it's about time modesty of dress was an issue, especially modesty of dress at Mass and for Ministers of the Eucharist. Some women who receive Holy Communion or even distribute it would be a sensation down in Acland Street if they went there straight from Mass.

Priests, it seems, aren't game to say anything and probably think that that is how young women dress today. But they are wrong to think so because one can't judge what is appropriate from what is happening in a society in such moral decay as ours is. In fact it is only through Catholics behaving like Catholics that our society can be saved from itself.

I could go so far as to say that going to Mass in some churches amounts to entering an "occasion of sin" in the old terminology. This is a serious problem that should be raised at Mass. Modesty of dress is the first communication with people outside the home and if a woman is immodestly dressed the first message she's sending out (albeit unintentionally) to men is, "Would you like to have sex with me?". That is hardly an appropriate message for any Catholic woman to be sending out.

In earlier times women wore long loose dresses and were covered up almost as much as Muslim women except for the face. Now nobody seriously advocates that but the pendulum has swung much too far.

Rowville, Vic

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