Don Gaffney

I refer to those valiant souls who have delated Cardinal Pell to Rome over his teaching on conscience. There are a few simple questions for this ginger group, and I suggest that their answer to each cannot but be in the negative.

Do you believe that Christ is truly God, and therefore cannot contradict Himself? Do you believe that Christ founded the Catholic Church and guaranteed it against teaching error? Do you believe that when the Pope officially proclaims a teaching, it can never be altered or denied?

If you maintain the positions you have publicly advocated, can you therefore logically call yourselves Catholics?

Incidentally, that throwaway sneer about the Pope "having a private line to the Holy Spirit" is not original. Fr George Tyrrell, "the Father of Modernism" used it against St Pius X exactly one hundred years ago, just before he was excommunicated.

Tarragindi, Qld

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