Modern saints and traditional liturgy

Modern saints and traditional liturgy

Seamus Mahady

I quite enjoyed reading the cover story of the August AD2000.

Of particular interest was the mention that recently canonised saints could be honoured with the traditional liturgy.

I can often imagine the many saints that the Church has given us in the post-conciliar period looking down in bemusement at the sight of their memory being celebrated exclusively with a liturgy so different from the liturgy which sustained their own faith journey.

Edith Stein definitely comes to mind. The liturgy, as celebrated in her time, was such an important part of her conversion experience and subsequent prayer life as a Roman Catholic! Her personal copy of the Roman Missal was a treasure to Edith - she had meticulously studied every detail of it before she had even attended a Mass. Especially, she delighted in the fusion of the Old and New Testament texts.

As an aside: how can secular newspapers claim, as some have done, that the traditional liturgy is anti-Semitic? Having attended Masses using the 1962 Missal fairly regularly for over 12 years, I've not seen any noticeable anti-Semitic passages yet. St Edith Stein certainly didn't either!

Kewdale, WA

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