Missing ‘glue’ (letter)

Missing ‘glue’ (letter)

Joseph Taylor

NSW Opposition Justice spokesman, Duncan Kerr, commenting on increasing crime, says: "The glue holding Australia together may be starting to dissolve ...".

Catholics know that the needed "glue" is belief in God and depending on his grace to live in accordance with his laws. Nothing else works. Australia urgently needs parents, schools and governments all co-operating to teach children these facts of life.

What about today's Catholic schools? Here, for the most part, we find no systematic teaching of Catholic philosophy, morals or doctrine, nor emphasis on preparation for death, fear of God's judgments, the greatness of heaven, the shortness of time and the length of eternity. Instead, there is largely a mishmash of pop-psychology and trying to be "relevant" on the world's terms.

Buronga, NSW

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