Missal translation

Missal translation

Philip Holberton

It seems the new English translation of the Order of Mass is not to be revealed to the laity until the Vatican has approved it.

However, I have seen the new version of the Creed and am not convinced it is any improvement on the current text, but not obviously worse until you come to "For us and for our salvation". This is not an adequate translation of "propter nos homines", particularly when we have repeatedly been told that the whole purpose of the revision is to bring it closer to the Latin original.

For instance, our response to "The Lord be with you" is to be "And with your spirit", because this is the full translation of "Et cum spiritu tuo". The Latin mentions the spirit so the new English must too.

So it is totally inconsistent to delete "homines", especially as the current translation correctly says "for us men". This modification of the present text reads like a sop to the feminist lobby, an example of the inclusive language which is frowned on by the Magisterium.

Willawarrin, NSW

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