Missal translation

Missal translation

Pat Hurley

Thank you for AD2000 and its contribution to my understanding of the spectrum of Catholic beliefs.

Your correspondent Philip Holberton (October AD2000) believes that the correct translation of ‘propter nos homines’ in the Creed would be ‘for us men’. However, he may have allowed his opposition to inclusive language to cause an error in translation. I believe that in Latin the primary meaning of ‘homo-hominis’ is ‘human being’. For a primary meaning of ‘man’, one would use the word ‘vir-viris’.

So because the phrase is ‘propter nos homines’ and not ‘propter nos vires’, it would perhaps be best translated ‘for us human beings’, a little cumbersome perhaps but more accurate than ‘for us men’.

Carnes Hill, NSW

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