Misguided (letter)

Misguided (letter)

Joyce Pearson and Marie Kennedy

Thank you, Fr Austin Kenny CP for the splendid explanation in response to misguided religious who advocated calling God "Mother" (October AD2000).

We attended the initial meeting of the project, Participation of Women in the Catholic Church in Australia, at its Canberra hearing in May 1997 and found that it was controlled by feminists, both lay and religious.

One matter raised was the proposed changing of God's name to Sophia. Amid a chorus of laughter it was stated that we could not be expected to continue worshipping a man, a son and a bird.

Catholics know that this is contrary to the Second Commandment, but their voices cannot be heard above the feminist and feral element within the Church.

Would Father Kenny consider contributing an article on the topic of honouring God's holy name? It is a pressing need for all concerned.

Goulburn, NSW

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