Men at church

Men at church

Rosanne Turne

As a convert from the Low Church of England, I had a good laugh when I read page 10 of the October AD2000. As long as I can remember, men have never been great church attendees.

I began Anglican Sunday School in 1949 - long before the Marxist Feminist Newspeak Bibles. During school holidays (both my parents were in the paid workforce) I would go to a Congregational Sunday School, where I would hear complaints of the problems of motivating men to help during the planning and on the day of the church fete. Men usually think religion is for women and children.

Every man is different, so religion should be explained to each man in a way that he can relate to and enjoy, i.e., if he is fearful, say Jesus can wipe out all care; if God is an ogre inflicting suffering, say Christianity is the Way of the Cross, so each believer has a "cross" and "suffers" too; if the man loves adventure, tell stories of the saints and Church history.

Always remember, I first heard Church history when I began instruction in 1967. Church history is anathema to most non-Catholics, which is why they don't understand devotion to Our Lady and the saints.

Mt Druitt, NSW

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