Melbourne RE texts (letter)

Melbourne RE texts (letter)

Barbara Chigwidden

Anthony Cappello's praise of the new Melbourne RE Texts (February AD2000) was over-the-top. As a primary school teacher and religion teacher, I find the artwork generally unattractive. While there are some very good parts in the texts, some of the questions at the end of the chapters are far too vague and the activities are of little educational value.

Further, in Level 3A in the section on prayer, an Aboriginal Our Father is given. It is not the prayer given by Our Lord and some of it changes the meaning. The part about forgiving others is so changed as to be a perversion of the original prayer.

If readers are expecting bonanza texts in secondary school, they will be very disappointed to find that the Year 9 text begins a chapter on the Bible by recounting an Aboriginal Creation Myth.

Ganmain, NSW

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