Media Standards Australia (letter)

Media Standards Australia (letter)

Denise Den-Bakker

Thank you for the wonderful publication that you are.

It was inspirational to read Robert and Carmel Garrett's letter in the April AD2000. I say this because I was overjoyed to read that someone feels as passionately as myself about the effects of the media upon our culture. The culture that we permit by our silence is the one in which we must live.

You have echoed my own concerns: What will it take for us to take action? Will we continue to tolerate family life being destroyed, or hear Our Lord's name blasphemed over and over?

There are many people who share our concerns regarding the extreme proliferation of sex, violence, criminal behaviour, drug abuse and foul language. The trouble is that we rely upon the same few reliable people or organisations to speak out. The media tires of the same old names.

If every person who reads this would simply write to the daily newspapers and complain about the advertising of sexual services; the reporting of crude and disgusting material; the sexually suggestive or explicit material or whatever else we know to be morally wrong - then the media owners might think twice about such public opinion - against them.

Write to the Advertising Standards Board. Write to the Office of Film and Literature Classification whose responsibility it is to give ratings to movies. They have the power to disallow/ban movies; but with what they allow through in this country, one must wonder how bad a movie needs to be!

Write to Commercial Television Australia about the standard of programs and advertising.

If you are unsure or unable to express your opinions about what you see, read, hear, etc, then you could contact Media Standards Australia (MSA). It is a group of people who share a common concern for the amount of sex, violence and illegal, immoral material which people are being bombarded with in all media.

Media Standards Australia can take your concerns about advertisements and programs to the regulators and save you the effort of trying to figure out the long and complicated process of complaining.

We are trying to raise the standard. Will you add to the numbers? We use a lot of paper, ink, phone calls, emails, Internet, etc, visit Members of Parliament and speak publicly. All we ask is a $10 annual subscription and your name as a member. The MSA website is, email:

My own email is

Frankston, Vic

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