Media bias on “same-sex marriage”

Media bias on “same-sex marriage”

Robert Bom

The debate about “same-sex marriage” is one-sided when essential information supporting traditional marriage is blocked and the message cannot get to the public.

Examples are:

• The press carefully weeds out information that may bring complaints from political organisers for “same-sex marriage”.

• Essential information alerting the public to harmful consequences are blocked.

• Some TV channels – including government-owned SBS – refuse to show traditional marriage ads. An exquisite aboriginal bark painting, supporting man to woman marriage with mention of 46 tribes and presented to a Senator by 30 elders, cannot get positive publicity.

A Sydney homosexual activist threatened a Labor Federal MP, as reported in the Rockhampton Morning Bulletin on 17 November 2010. He would “throw a tantrum” outside Kirsten Livermore’s office if she did not become proactive tackling the issue of homophobia.

He would bring a bus full of gays, lesbians, transgenders, bi-sexuals and anyone else who wants to support the cause with him to Rockhampton. The crusade would last until the Member for Capricornia took up the fight.

How many more parliamentarians, banks, big business and media organisation have been the subject of this type of coercion? Is that how equality is achieved by arm twisting?  Shades of Hitler’s Brown Shirts.

West Rockhampton, Qld.

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