Mass translation (letter)

Mass translation (letter)

Leo McManus

I do not accept Philip Holberton's criticism of the new draft translation of the Mass (September AD2000). Mr Holberton asks, "Why after 50 years is the Church going back to the past?" But the sacrifice of the Mass goes back 2,000 years.

I have no difficulty in accepting the words which cause much annoyance to your correspondent. I very much dispute the claim that words such as "grievous", "of your bounty" and "deigned" are no longer current.

As for the complaint that "venerable" implies that Christ was an old man at the time of the Last Supper, this expression rather means worthy of veneration or reverence. In any case, didn't Christ say "Before Abraham was, I am"?

As for the query about our not being worthy to have the Lord under our roof, are we not all sinners and therefore not worthy of the Eucharist? However, as we join with the priest to offer the Holy Sacrifice, this is so pleasing to God that we are made worthy. This includes those who through no fault of their own cannot be present at the Mass.

Townsville, Qld

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