Mass media (letter)

Mass media (letter)

Errol P. Duke

Archbishop Pell (Compass interview, 20 May) refers to present society offering "counterfeit compassion", i.e., tolerance of sin and evil as being its "highest virtue."

The mass media is largely to blame for this prevailing attitude. For example, it concocts "half a good reading story" on Dr Pell's refusing to give Communion to active homosexuals. Why didn't it complete "a full good reading story" by stating that no Catholic - homosexual, heterosexual or whatever - may receive Communion while in a state of serious sin?

As the theme of the day, i.e., political correctness, is merely a veneer - a "don't offend, be comfortable, I don't really care, I lack courage, it's too hard" philosophy - then why do the majority of good-thinking people remain silent and asleep?

How can we expect Jesus to change the world for the better when his "instruments" are passive?

Justice has a price. In the end, we all get - and are getting - what we deserve.

Elizabeth East, SA

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