Martyrs And Saints In Catholic Liturgy by K.G. Mortensen

Martyrs And Saints In Catholic Liturgy by K.G. Mortensen

Michael Daniel

Martyrs And Saints In Catholic Liturgy (From Advent to Lent) by K.G. Mortensen (Gerald Griffin Press, 1999, 91pp. Can be purchased direct from publisher, 156 The Avenue, Parkville Vic 3052. The price $29.70 includes postage and GST.)

Martyrs and Saints is a collection of biographies of the Saints whose feast days are celebrated in the liturgy in the months of December to March. These short biographies provide an excellent introduction to the life and work of each of the saints whom the Church remembers in her liturgy during this period of the year.

During these months, the feast days of some of the best known and best loved saints are celebrated, including Sts Joseph, Patrick, John Bosco and Francis Xavier. Not only does the author provide a brief biography of each saint, but he also focuses upon the lasting, or enduring message that each saint has for Christians.

This work would not only be a useful resource for those who attend weekday Mass regularly, but also for those involved in liturgy preparation and education.

Michael E. Daniel teaches at a Melbourne independent college.

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