Martyrdom ignored

Martyrdom ignored

Tom King

During the recent past, with the exception of time devoted to the lynching of Peter Hollingworth, the Iraq operation and the SARS outbreak have captured the minds and resources of the Australian media. War dead and injured appear to approximate less than 5,000 persons while SARS has, at the time of writing, occasioned 600 deaths.

In the same period, Christians have continued to be slaughtered, at the rate of about 13,000 per month. This modern day martyrdom continues to be ignored by the secular press and, inexcusably, by most of the religious newspapers.

To their great credit, Aid to the Church in Need, Voice of the Martyrs, Barnabos Foundation and a number of other minor players have attempted to redress secular and mainstream religious disinterest.

However, I am yet to be convinced that our Lord and Saviour would be impressed with the efforts of his present day followers when, in addition to the 165,000 Christians slaughtered annually, he tries to reconcile the 80,000 "unborn babies" killed in Australia each year with his "suffer the little children," instruction.

Elanora, Qld

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