Arnold Jago

Prime Minister Julia Gillard says she is unwilling to consider changing Labor policy on "same-sex marriage".

The Greens Party has introduced a bill to change the Marriage Act to recognise same-sex couples, but Gillard won't be in it.

Homosexual activists call her attitude "appalling". Some disgruntled Labor MP's are demanding a "conscience vote".

To discuss this subject rationally, we must first ask ourselves the question: "What is marriage?"

The traditional definition has always been that marriage is "a covenant, by which a man and a woman establish between themselves a partnership of the whole of life."


If so, then marriage doesn't exist in Australia ... not since the Family Law Act (no-fault divorce, etc) was proclaimed under the 1970s Whitlam Government.

Any Australian couple today wanting to enter a legally-binding covenant to remain partners until separated by death cannot do so.

No matter what they say or promise at the time of their marriage, the moment one partner changes her (or his) mind, the law considers the whole thing a throwaway item.

It is  not marriage that same-sex couples want - but Australia's current Mickey-Mouse fake-marriage which, legally-speaking, binds nobody to anything.

Before being too critical of our homosexual citizens, let's remember that this is exactly the arrangement that many Australians have got comfortable with.

Our children - raised in broken homes, molested by Mummy's boy-friends - pay the price.

If Australians wanted real honest-to-God marriage, they would have it.

For example, if the 30 percent of voters calling themselves Catholic threatened to vote against any party refusing to redefine marriage as something resembling Christian marriage, the Family Law Act would be repealed and rewritten within a fortnight.

On this subject, the voice of the Church should be loud, strident and continuous.

Mildura, Vic

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