Peter J. Young

Pontius Pilate sought an opinion poll with the question, "Who would you have me release?" The self-interest of the chief priests and elders had them stir the crowd to ask for Barabbas (Matt 15:9-15), and to crucify the One who is Truth itself.

What marriage is and what it is not must not be decided by the "chief priests" of gay rallies. Truth is far too important to be left to polls and votes. The marital union is of two people of opposite gender, and that union may produce offspring. On the other hand, a same sex union is of two people of the same gender with no possibility of producing offspring.

The nature of a circle is always to be round. Imagine the mathematical or scientific chaos if circles were treated as equivalent to rectangles or triangles.

Comparable social consequences would inevitably result if marriage were redefined: brother "married" to brother, sister to sister, cousin to cousin, multiple same gender "spouses", and all barren of offspring. Truth assures us that marriage and same sex unions are worlds apart,

No union of any two persons of the same gender can fulfil the function of producing a new human being. Hence the word marriage cannot have two different meanings.

To advocate otherwise would be to align with the vocal minority of "chief priests and elders" and crucify marriage.

Greta, NSW

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