Mark Twain

Mark Twain

Fr. F.E. Burns

Readers might be interested in a beautiful letter which Mark Twain sent from Europe to his wife on the subject of sending their daughter to a convent school. The letter appeared in Clara Clemens' biography, My Father , Mark Twain (Harper, New York, 1931, page 100).

"I am glad, very glad, Jean is in a convent. I was astonished at myself that I never thought of a convent. And away down deep in my heart I feel that if they made, a good, strong, unshakable Catholic of her, I shall not be in the least bit sorry. It is doubtless the most peace-giving and restful of all religions. If I had it, I would not trade it for anything on earth. If ever I change my religion, I shall change to that."

Middle Park, Vic

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