Lost opportunity

Lost opportunity

Maureen Federico

In general the ABC is to be congratulated on the Q&ampA series which gives the viewer a chance to discern the thinking behind some of our people 'in the know' and an effort is made to balance the panellists.

However, on the program of 1 October Fr Frank Brennan SJ let his side down disappointingly. He seemed overawed by Christopher Hitchens, an avowedly militant atheist, and out of his depth trying to be 'all things to all men' in his obscurantist answer on gay 'marriage'.

The program consists of fast repartee and allows no time for the ponderous tactics of a bush lawyer. A sharp Fr Brennan could have quickly and quietly explained the real meaning of marriage as a one man/one woman lifelong commitment which is the nucleus of our society, the outcome being of mutual support and the safe rearing of the next generation, our most precious natural resource. All lost.

Even in regard to gay people there was no help either in trying to ape conventional morality, only serving to make the whole thing look like a circus. They in turn lose their dignity as human beings. Something intrinsically wrong, no matter what the spin, can never be made right.

Frankston South, Vic

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