Liturgy translations (letter)

Liturgy translations (letter)

Brandi Cerreto

I wish to respond to an article (July AD2000) titled "New Vatican guidelines call for sound, accurate liturgy translations"

What is going on here? Since when has the Catholic Church had trouble translating? How is it that she has been turning out faulty translations? Is she not guided by the Holy Spirit anymore? For over 1900 years she never had any trouble translating accurately.

When Latin was the vulgar tongue and the Scriptures were in Aramaic, Hebrew and Greek the Church entrusted one man with the task of translating those texts into Latin. He took himself off to the desert and spent thirty-five years in seclusion. The result of that superhuman effort was the Latin Vulgate - never recalled. His efforts were certainly guided by the Holy Spirit, and the Church confirmed that by recognising him as Saint Jerome.

The Church was entrusted by God to protect and defend truth. Down through the ages, she has done that faithfully. Her accuracy and orthodoxy have always been a thorn in the side of her enemies.

The AD2000 article neglected to point out the even more questionable translation of multis in the consecration of the blood. Multis means "for many", yet in the new Mass, the translation states that Christ offered his blood for "all [men]." But Christ did not say that in the Gospel accounts.

Catholics should demand a return to sound and accurate liturgy such as that approved under the guidance of the Holy Spirit at the Council of Trent.

Frankston, Vic

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