Liturgy abuses

Liturgy abuses

Peter Lynch

Re: "New Liturgy document: Rome affirms right to complain about abuses.

Reading Michael Gilchrist's account typifies why many Catholics do not attend Mass or follow the Church's laws. The reaffirmation of the Church's role to dictate practices in our lives is repressive and it is certainly not conducive to the message of the Gospels having "spies" reporting to authorities on clergy and parishioners who obviously know their flock and where we are on our journey of faith. This typifies the belief that the Church and its so-called "authorities" are way out of touch.

People of today are well-educated. We think for ourselves, form opinions, have a value system, (something that has been lacking in the Church's stance on paedophilia) and are pro-active in ministering to the needs of the wider community. While it may not be condoned by the Church, we are certainly on the coalface living out the message of the Gospels according to Jesus not to the men in frocks in Rome who only see the call for more regulations and controls to stifle the believers. Well those days are gone!

Doncaster, Vic

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