Liturgical language

Liturgical language

Ted Hayhoe

The letters from Pat Hurley, Fran Swindale and Mrs Carol Phillips (November AD2000) contain the best arguments I have seen for the restoration of the use of the Latin language in the so-called Latin Church.

G.K. Chesterton, writing more than 60 years ago, correctly described Latin as 'a living language in a world of dying languages.'

Pat Hurley is, of course, correct; although I would suggest that 'for us humans' would be just as correct as 'for us human beings'.

To Carol Phillips I would say that 'God's people' would, of necessity, be people of goodwill.

All the above demonstrates that Latin (a so-called dead language), the meanings of which are precise and not subject to the vagaries of vernacular languages, is much more suitable for liturgical and especially theological speculative purposes.

Briar Hill, Vic

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