Liturgical choices (letter)

Liturgical choices (letter)

Marguerite Fennell

Replying to Peter Westmore (April) and Philip Robinson (May), I propose that it is time both Catholic reformists, who refuse to acknowledge the value of the classical Latin Mass, and traditionalists, who view with suspicion the Novus Ordo, re-examined their positions.

The communal focus of the new Mass and the transcendent sacredness of the old(er) rite complement each other, at least to the point of offering clergy and laity legitimate options of worship. Would that our Catholic children be given exposure to both liturgies, so they (and their families) may know the existence of these choices.

In the classical rite, Holy Communion is reverently received kneeling (for those who can). Although almost disappeared, this practice, or at least pious genuflection, remains legitimate in the new rite, too. Likewise, our Blessed Lord may be received on the tongue as an option to receiving Him via the hand.

May the availability of both classical and new liturgies become the norm in our parishes! In the new Mass, the priest could serve those in line and then those who choose to kneel.

A good start would be to educate both laity and clergy that the Latin Mass is not a retrograde step, but an ongoing, enriching option which the faithful may choose to explore or not - once they know that this rite is still officially available within the magisterial Catholic Church, along with the new one.

Bentleigh, Vic

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