Life under threat

Life under threat

Brian Harris

I am sure God sees and cares that there is a raging battle between the culture of life and the culture of death in Australia, for the hearts, minds and souls of everyone. For example:

1. The morning after pill can be sold over the counter despite the fact that it is many times the strength of an ordinary contraceptive. A young girl may buy it along with a packet of jellybeans from her own chemist.

2. Euthanasia has made great advances with the courts now allowing the removal of the tube containing nutrition and hydration to the patient. This means death by thirst and starvation. It is a terrible way to die.

3. Infanticide occurs in some hospitals (though not all), before and after birth, with many down syndrome babies killed by abortion, along with others with cleft palate or other disabilities.

4. With the help of millions of dollars from the Federal Government and supporting legislation it has been made possible to extract stem cells from embryonic human beings, causing their destruction, much to the financial benefit of IVF scientists.

For those who look after the disabled, there are good times and there are bad times, and the face of true love then can be a terrible thing.

(Father of a disabled child)
Hadfield, Vic

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