Letters to the Bishops (letter)

Letters to the Bishops (letter)

Mavis Power

AD2000 readers who wish to write to the Australian Catholic Bishops' Conference, regarding the crisis of faith in Catholic families, need to have their letters in to the address below by the last week in October. Two (2) copies should be sent, one for the Bishops Conference and one for Rome.

Our aims are:

* To let our bishops know the truth of what is happening in our families, and the great loss of Faith.

* To gather as many personal testimonies as possible to send to the Bishops' Conference on 25 November.

* To let the bishops know how the faith has been watered down, and in some cases even denied in Catholic schools and churches, and how this has contributed to the loss of faith.

* To let the bishops know the reason so many families have withdrawn their children from Catholic schools, and why they are home schooling them.

* To let the bishops know how sex education in our primary schools is contributing to the loss of innocence of children and has been partly responsible for the breakdown in Christian values.

* To let the bishops know that we are willing to help, and how we can help. And to offer some ideas of how to overcome some of the problems.

Please send your letters to Mrs Mavis Power, 71 Bridge Street, Toowoomba 4350, Qld, or email - mpower@hotkey.net.au

For more information, phone (07) 46 325 523.

Toowoomba, Qld

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