Letters of thanks to Michael Gilchrist

Letters of thanks to Michael Gilchrist


[Editor: The following are a few of the emails and letters received following my notification of a phased out retirement from work on AD2000. My sincere thanks to all these people]

Congratulations on your 24 years at the helm. AD2000 has played a significant role in helping restore the Australian Church to "Rome" rather than to "the Bush", where we were heading in the chaotic '60s to '80s!

All the best and God bless!

St Louis, Missouri, USA

This must be the most selfless and low-key retirement notice that I have ever seen. God bless you, Michael! You have done an absolutely splendid job at AD2000 for many, many years. Heartfelt thanks and congratulations!

Brisbane, Qld

From your recent email, and biographical notes in the introduction to your book Lost! which I have had for some years, I conclude that you are about to retire. My wife and I wish you all the best and God's blessings.

Keiraville, NSW

You'll be very much missed. "Well done, good and faithful servant!"; and you have well earned the other invitation: "Come aside and rest awhile."

My deepest thanks for publishing my articles over the years as it's quite prestigious to be published in AD! But, TG, there are plenty of good orthodox young people to take the baton.

God bless you, Michael. "B.A." must be proud of you.

Doonside, NSW

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