Greens attack on religion, making schools unSafe, no man can serve two masters

Greens attack religious exemption from Equal Opportunity Act (Vic)

The Greens have introduced a bill into the Victorian Parliament to amend the religious exemptions in the Victorian Equal Opportunity Act. Parliament is now in recess for the winter break and will not resume sitting until August 16. The bill’s fate will then be decided.

Labor’s position on the religious exemptions announced at the 2014 election was to restrict the protection in employment of staff by faith-based schools to where agreeing with the beliefs and values of the school was an “inherent requirement” of the job.

This could mean a faith-based school could face a situation of being forced to employ a person who openly disagrees with the beliefs or values of the school.

The Green’s bill seeks to repeal all religious exemptions except in relation to the ordination or appointment, training or education, of priests or ministers or the selection or appointment of people to perform functions in relation to, or to participate in, any religious observance or practice.

In particular faith-based schools would no longer be protected from discrimination complaints as they are by the present exemptions.

The Green’s proposal is draconian. Faith-based schools would not only face severe restriction on their freedom to choose staff but also on their freedom to decide on how the school would handle situations with families or staff or students where gender identity issues arise.

Clause 9 removes section 83 of the Equal Opportunity Act, which is the special provision for schools run by religious bodies to discriminate if the discrimination “conforms with the doctrines, beliefs or principles of the religion” or “is reasonably necessary to avoid injury to the religious sensitivities of adherents of the religion”.

This is a direct attack on religious freedom – a part of the war on religion the Greens have declared. Either way, Greens or Labor, we are looking at a battle in Victoria over religious freedom.

Now some good news. The Herald Sun reported that in a survey of 3000 people:

• 86 per cent said NO to transgender awareness being taught in primary schools.

• 64 per cent said same-sex marriage should NOT be legalised.


Victorian President AFA,

Melbourne, Vic.

Making schools UNsafe

The controversial Safe Schools program used in many Australian schools is supposedly designed to curb bullying.

But is it really? Visit the website of the Safe Schools Coalition Victoria (SSCV) which made the program up. It’s at https://sscv.org.au/

The site’s home page announces: “We are dedicated to supporting sexual diversity, intersex and gender diversity in Victorian schools.”

Not apparently dedicated to tackling important causes of bullying like race, obesity and disability – they aren’t even mentioned.

No. This is a program of indoctrination imposing so-called progressive gender-theory ideas on our children.

The more you check the SSCV website and the links recommended on it, the more obvious the dangers of the program become.

A helpful overview of all these issues can be found at the Kid’s Rights website: http://kidsrights.org.au/


Nichols Point, Vic.

No man can serve two masters

Matthew 6.2: “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.”

Serving God also means looking after God's creations, such as planet Earth, and ourselves, of course. The man-made profit money system is destroying our home, planet earth and us with it. We need clean air, clean water, clean unadulterated food, and a proper money system that works for all.

The shareholder primacy or equivalent means that people and the environment have to come off second best because it is the legal duty of those who run businesses to maximise the wealth of shareholders. We people lose to the money god again!

Money is a man made concept and these days it is made from “thin air" through so-called “quantitative easing”.

We depend on nature, and we can’t eat man-made money.

Let’s make a clean earth the priority. Bob Hinkley wrote in 2002 that corporate law could be changed to include “the environment, human rights, the public safety, the communities in which the corporation operates or the dignity of its employees.”

My view is that the corporation’s primary duty is to protect the planet and support human life and the environment above everything else – certainly above the demands of a man-made enslaving profit money system.


Bermagui, NSW