“Dear Prime Minister,

“ ... I have been incurably ill with aggressive multiple sclerosis (MS) for more than thirty years. Its degenerative nature gradually stripped me of physical function from being healthy and athletic to living in an electric wheelchair."

Euthanasia: letter to a PM

We’re all now under pressure to consider “voluntary euthanasia” and “assisted suicide” as acceptable, even desirable, things.

A letter from one wheelchair-bound disabled Canadian man to Canada’s new euthanasia-approving Prime Minister is worth reading:

“Dear Prime Minister,

“ ... I have been incurably ill with aggressive multiple sclerosis (MS) for more than thirty years. Its degenerative nature gradually stripped me of physical function from being healthy and athletic to living in an electric wheelchair.

“If assisted suicide had been available during the mid-1980s I might have opted for it at a low point. I’m so glad I did not seek out a Jack Kevorkian. I never would have known my grandchildren.

“You see, Prime Minister, quality of life changes. What gave my life quality in 1984 is not what gives my life quality in 2015. Physical function is not so important to me anymore; it is love that brings quality to my life now: to love and be loved.

“You did the right thing in 2012 by supporting a national suicide prevention strategy.

“Do the right thing again ...

“A national suicide prevention strategy is a must for all Canadians, not just the healthy. Support increased emphasis on palliative medicine in medical schools ...”

Isn’t he right? True quality of life is sharing love, palliating where possible -- and then giving even more love.


Nichols Point, Vic.

Synod outcome “led by the Holy Spirit”

Thank you to the author of “Synod re affirms church teaching pm sexuality, marriage and the family” (AD2000, November2015).

Having followed the Synod and its deliberations and its many detractors, I at times despaired at what might be the outcome. Yet I always felt deeply that the Holy Father and the Synod fathers led by the Holy Spirit would be in control.

Why is it that so much negative palaver was fed to the media even from within the Church? From within the body of Christ? What was their purpose?

Was it to try and force the Church to change? To this all we can say is thank God for the grace and humour and serenity and strength of the Holy Father, His Holiness Pope Francis.

This Synod had much to examine in a society in the turmoil of transition. Gender issues, re-marriage issues, same sex attraction and marriage issues, birth rate issues, abortion and anti-life issues.

This Synod had to contend with a changing culture, being in the midst of a loss of past certainties and mores, and new mores still not firmed and secure.

It had to look to strengthen the family as first priority “since a society that neglects the family has lost its openness to the future” To this end family associations and charisms committed to working together with other groups to defend life and family, freedom and religious freedom are to be encouraged.

Overall all 94 paragraphs of the proposed draft document were passed by the Synod Fathers. In this, in my opinion, we see the work of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you to the author of this excellent, abridged and easily understandable article on the Synod.


Vermont South, Vic.

Support religious freedom in India

Recently, the Indian Government announced plans to introduce so-called “anti-conversion” measures, which are unjust laws designed to prevent their citizens from leaving the Hindu faith.

Since then, the Indian government has been forced to face its rising intolerance, as nearly 200 of the country's leading intellectuals have released a scathing statement condemning the “resolute silence” of the Indian Government to acts of violence against cultural and religious minorities.

Specifically, the intellectuals’ manifesto said that the Government's “negligible response” on such matters amounts to the “encouragement to greater hostility and aggression, especially against religious and caste minorities.”

This was huge news in India. And, perhaps, this national outcry on religious intolerance has delayed the governing BJP’s plans to introduce “anti-conversion” measures on the national level.

Although “anti-conversion” measures already exist in 6 of India’s 29 states, this would be the first time a national or federal law would seek to restrict an individual Indian’s religious liberty, which, theoretically, has protection under the Indian Constitution.

As the US State Department's International Religious Freedom Report 2014 shows, “anti-conversion” laws, at the state level in India, have been used by local authorities to harass religious minority populations – usually with trumped-up charges.

One of the proponents of the new law is quoted as saying: “The bill will advocate for a non-bailable warrant to be issued against the person found engaged in the act [of conversion], along with a ten-year jail [sentence]”.

In fact, India has a huge population of religious minorities. And, these groups are all made up of individual people.

But a delay is not good enough. We now are, therefore, calling on the BJP to not just delay, but decisively scrap plans for the introduction of these “anti-conversion” measures which are principally directed against Christians.

Please sign here:


The proposed measures are clearly not in keeping with fundamental human rights and human dignity. And any BJP attempt to nationalise these bad laws should be firmly rejected.


CitizenGO, USA

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