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Chinese government’s anti-women policy

I am writing in relation to the Chinese government’s claimed abandonment of the “One Child” policy, which has been responsible for untold suffering for millions of people, and the deaths of millions more.

A women’s rights group, Women’s Rights without Frontiers, has pointed out that despite the Chinese government’s misleading announcement that it will “abandon” its One Child Policy, women’s rights in China are in more danger than ever before – especially for baby girls.

NIPT, a prenatal diagnostic technology, analyses foetal DNA taken from a mother’s blood to discover birth defects.

However, the tool can also be used to discover a baby’s gender as early as seven weeks’ gestation – making it easier to terminate the pregnancy if it is unwanted for being female.

Such abuse has been documented in several countries, including the United States and Great Britain, where a government study recently suggested the test might be linked to prenatal gendercide.

China watchers now predict that NIPT is set for rapid growth under the new Two-Child Policy in China, where baby girls already struggle to survive under a strong cultural preference for males.

“Where brutal son preference meets non-invasive, early sex determination of a foetus, inevitably baby girls will be selectively aborted,” said Women’s Rights Without Frontiers President Reggie Littlejohn in testimony before the U.S. Congressional-Executive Commission on China earlier this year.

“Because of its convenience as a simple blood test and its ability to determine gender very early in a pregnancy, NIPT will place second daughters at even higher risk, likely resulting in a rise in sex-selective abortions.”

Sex selective abortions, according to a 2009 British Medical Journal study, account for almost all the excess males in China: in other words, 37 million Chinese men will never marry because their future wives were aborted. This provides a strong demand for trafficking in women and sexual slavery in and around China.

This is the latest example demonstrating that the Chinese Communist Party’s switch to a Two Child Policy will not end human rights abuses. China’s forced population control system remains in place, as do the conditions giving rise to gendercide.


Ferny Creek, Qld.


Joint party inquiry into porn

There is currently a federal senate inquiry into internet pornography.

On 2 December 2015 the Senate passed, without dissent, a motion to set up an inquiry into the impact of pornography on Australian children. The cross-party motion, moved by Labor Senator Joe Bullock and Liberal Senator Chris Back, said:

“That the Senate notes that:

• in today’s culture, children's use of smart phones, tablets and computers has increased markedly;

• online pornography is easily accessed, and a growing number of children are viewing it at an early age;

• recent studies have shown that exposure to pornography has measurable negative effects on brain development and behavioural outcomes;

• online pornography is increasingly violent in its content, particularly against women, and exposure correlates with children's acceptance of violent attitudes and beliefs;

• violence against women is often linked back to early and repeated exposure to pornography;

• violence towards, and abuse of, children is often linked to early and repeated exposure to pornography;

• children increasingly access the Internet outside their home environment; and

• previous inquiries in Australia have not adequately addressed the question of children’s (those under 18 years-of-age) exposure to online pornography and the harm caused because of that access."

The Terms of Reference of the Senate Inquiry are as follows:

“Harm being done to Australian children through access to pornography on the Internet, with particular reference to:

• trends of online consumption of pornography by children and their impact on the development of healthy and respectful relationships;

• current methods taken towards harm minimisation in other jurisdictions, and the effectiveness of those methods;

• the identification of any measures with the potential for implementation in Australia; and

• any other related matters.”

On 9 February, the “Pornography and harms to children and young people Symposium” was held in Sydney. Academics and experts presented research and personal accounts about the appalling impact pornography is having on young people and children.

If Parliament is dissolved for the federal election, this inquiry will lapse, so it is important that people know of its existence, and work for it to be re-established after the election.


Sydney, NSW


Infant Viability Bill in Victoria

Victorian Member of Parliament, Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins, has presented a bill entitled the “Infant Viability Bill”.

This Bill’s recommendations include that abortions be no longer legal in Victoria after the 20th week of pregnancy, and that all infants born alive from the 20th week onwards must be cared for with the intent to save the infant’s life.

Penalties are to be introduced for physicians and medical facilities breaching these new laws. Mothers will not be criminalised or face any penalties.

More details available online at: http://www.infantviability.org.au/


Nichols Point, Vic.


Double standards

Australia needs a more balanced path for its social policies.

On the one hand, for instance, there is much emphasis on combating violence that adheres to a required political agenda.

For instance, the violence associated with abortion and coercion of it, are simply ignored.

And too bad for those with other problems, such as the violence towards lone disadvantaged fathers. On the other side, sex discrimination is all the rage.

In some schools that participate in the Safe Schools Coalition, main categories of bullying such as height, weight, race or religion get a mention, while little attention is paid to them.

Gender attitude is well down the list as a cause for bullying, but it is rammed down the throat of students.

The not-so-Safe Schools Coalition anti-bullying program is designed to teach our kids all imaginable types and variations of sex.

In reality, the SSC programme is a front for promoting alternative gender identities and sexual experimentation.

Presently, the SSC programme is subject to a Federal Government review after the many complaints received.

This school programme, encouraging kids towards depravity needs to be excised from all curricula.


West Rockhampton, Qld.


Sexual abuse Royal Commission

Cardinal George Pell’s appearance before the Royal Commission on child sex abuse throw some light on the integrity of his opponents – the left-leaning media.

The opportunity to do him down will be too good to miss.

In the case of the ABC it has already begun. In December the National broadcaster ran an item on two successive nights featuring Fr. John Walshe, the parish priest of Mentone-Parkdale in Melbourne.

Fr. Walshe apologised for misconduct with John Roach in 1982 while he (Roach) was a seminarian. Built into this story was the insinuation that Pell knew about the abuse and did nothing, buttressed by constant shots of Pell at Mass.

Plenty of allegations: nothing proved.

Part of the item centred on a police investigation into the abuse of 14 year-old boys at St Patrick’s Cathedral between 1996 and 2002 while – the reporter carefully notes – Pell was Archbishop of Melbourne.

But not a word about David Risdale, Pell’s chief accuser. It’s now emerged, via a national newspaper, that Risdale twice indecently assaulted a 12 year old boy in 1984 while working for the YMCA.

By any measure, this would make Mr Ridsdale an unreliable witness. Fairness and balance, enshrined in the Corporation’s charter, has been replaced by smear and innuendo. Will no one come to Pell’s defence?


Gold Coast, Qld.


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