Letter from India

Letter from India

I happened to come across your lovely magazine AD2000. What an interesting and inspiring one it is. I was really taken up by it and would like to be a regular reader.

I am 60 years old, a diocesan priest belonging to the Catholic Diocese of Salem. I have been a priest for 33 years and am interested in reading and preaching. I am presently parish priest of Suramangalam, dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Would you kindly in your charity and generosity include my name in the mailing list so that I may have a chance to read the journal. It supplies me ample matters for my Sunday homilies and instructions to various groups in the parish. I will be satisfied with the back issues.

There may be some kind-hearted people who, after reading this, may like to pass them on to me. It will be of great help for my pastoral work here. I will certainly pray for you and I do promise to offer Mass for your intentions.

I wish you all the best in your press apostolate.

My address is: Sacred Heart Church, Suramangalam, PO Salem, 636 005, Tamil Nadu, India.

Tamil Nadu, India

[Editor: Perhaps some generous AD2000 readers might care to post their back copies to Father Joseph, or even contribute towards a year's subscription. For inquiries in this regard, please contact Bobbie Wilson on (03) 9326-5757. She looks after subscriptions.]

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