Leaving it to God (letter)

Leaving it to God (letter)

Errol P. Duke

I now firmly believe that many of us Catholics - certainly with good intentions - spend too much time running round in circles trying to 'organise' God in our worry about the future of the Church.

Perhaps a backward step needs to be taken more often - with far more prayer, reflection, love and calmness, allowing God to 'organise' us.

We say "Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, we place our trust in Thee." But, in reality, do we?

The serious ills and woes now confronting our times basically result from a collective lack of sincere, ongoing prayer.

This prayer opens hearts to an infusion of faith, hope and love. Open, humble hearts then become instruments of God's mysterious plans - not us trying to 'control' these plans - so that they can unfold more consistently and productively.

In summing up, it's called "let go"!

Elizabeth East, SA

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