Learning to Pray, by Julie Keleman

Learning to Pray, by Julie Keleman

Anthony Cappello

by Julie Keleman
(Liguori Publications, 2000, 80pp, $9.95. Available from AD Books)

Julie Keleman several years ago wrote a booklet entitled Lent is for Children. She followed this publication with another similar publication called Advent is for Children. What she discovered in these two books was that the parents of children reading her books found them just as useful and informative for themselves.

So, in writing this third book in the series, Keleman suggests: "If you brought this booklet for your child, I suggest you read it too. Follow along with your child, even to the point of getting involved in the activities".

But this book is written for children and therefore contains a scattering of cartoons, stories and anecdotes that may assist a child in the important practice of prayer.

Like the other books in the series, Keleman's style and amusing cartoons make learning prayer quite enjoyable. It is an ideal gift for that child or grandchild whose exposure to the Catholic faith is limited. Such a book, presented in an enthusiastic manner, will surely whet the appetite for more things "Catholic".

And for the adult who finds prayer hard at times, the last prayer of the book could be just the thing: "At times, my poor brain wants to keep thinking about other things ... Sometimes the day gets so busy that finding a few minutes to talk to you is like trying to find pennies in the ocean. But even though I may find it hard to be with you, I know that you are always with me, Jesus."

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