Leadership needed

Leadership needed

Anne Lastman

In response to Jack Blair's letter (February AD2000), the homosexual lobby cannot accept that condoms are risky and useless in the fight against AIDS, because if it was serious and really believed this, then lifestyles might need to be changed; but lifestyle change for this lobby is non-negotiable.

It has been known for some time the HIV virus can pass through the latex (condoms) thus really making them useless as a protection against this virus. The only safe method is abstinence, even for life.

I am always amazed at our society, e.g., the women who refuse to believe the "pill" has been declared to be the number one carcinogen by WHO. Yet, more and more, and younger and younger, women are taking the pill. Why?

Girls as young as eleven are being put on the pill, so that if they engage in sexual activity they won't get caught. That's the biggest crime: getting caught. Not what they are doing to their maturing bodies and souls.

We have an over-sexualised society, one that sells clothing, bricks, cat food, pegs, cars, etc, using sexual imagery to entice. The only sin appears to be making a "judgement". Injustice, fornication, lying, cheating and dishonesty can be accommodated. But judgement? Heaven forbid.

HIV/AIDS will continue to infect new victims until those responsible become honest.

We will continue to have abortion in holocaust proportions, marriage breakdown at an alarming rate, de facto relationships replacing marriage, a drug culture unabated, abandonment of children and a street culture, until we take seriously the words of Humanae Vitae, Donum Vitae, Evangelium Vitae, Casti Conubii and Veritatis Splendor.

Until the Church takes seriously these documents and teaches the laity how to understand and live them, nothing will change. Nor will it until our bishops, priests and laity begin to heed those (like myself) who work at the front line of human breakdown and wreckage.

An academic mentality and perception are different from the perception of those who work in the midst of the human morass. HIV/AIDS will continue to spread while the argument over condoms persists. Millions of abortions will continue along with a politically correct silence from many pulpits.

We need more strong, loving shepherds to lead boldly from the front. The time of political correctness has ended. Our shepherds must fight for the flock. Please don't let us down.

Victims of Abortion
Melbourne, Vic

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