Leadership needed (letter)

Leadership needed (letter)

Tom King

The death estimates of the Boxing Day tsunami are now at least 200,000. Without any intention of devaluing the sacrifice and sorrow compounded, I am compelled to reflect upon the equivalent loss of life that has occurred on our Australian doorstep, so to speak, without any interest being shown by the media or indeed, most of our Church fraternity.

Ambon is most appropriate, as the current toll from the tidal surge almost equates the number of Christians who have been slaughtered by Islamic extremists during the previous several years.

The death toll, that has the press and Church spokesmen approaching emotional collapse, equates to the number of potential Australians who are slaughtered each year with a Medicare Bonus provided by a benevolent administration.

During the 20th century, more Christians were murdered for the belief they refused to relinquish than in any previous century in world history.

The time for real leadership is now; but I very much doubt the residual capacity exists among the apologists who pervade so many of our faith and political institutions.

Elanora, Qld

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