Leadership needed

Leadership needed

Tom King

Why did the resolute, direct effectiveness of Archbishop Mannix not endure after his passage to eternity? The assaults upon our faith and our so often disguised clergy have become more apparent and less subtle, as we have become more tolerant and less effective as protectors of the Faith.

In recent times we have seen the Brumbys, clever advertisers, misuse clerical look-alikes, and posture a sacramental offering. When I complained to the relevant authority, I was informed "no-one else has taken offence." This was untrue, as I knew of others who had done as I had, declaring Brumbys off-limits.

We should also be declaring those supermarkets off-limits which continue to erode the significance of our holy feast of Easter. The exploitation of Easter in January by the "big two", selling hot cross buns and Easter eggs, is blatant in its exploitation of the gullible public, while effectively devaluing the Easter season.

I no longer expect leadership from most of our hierarchy. But I did expect some of my fellow Christians would decide enough is enough, and boycott these products until the approach of the real Easter period.

Australia's Christians need to wake up.

Elanora, Qld

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