Joe Lopez

The Victorian Bishops' letter, Your Vote Your Values, Bishop Elliott's sermon at the conclusion of the Christus Rex Pilgrimage, and Bishop Fisher's statement on euthanasia were all answers to the prayers of many concerned Catholics.

For when these Catholics organise petitions after Mass to oppose State/Federal legislation that is anathema to the Christian concepts of life and marriage, they are liable to be met with remarks like, "I really don't know if I should sign", or "the Church has got it wrong on this."

One priest even informed his congregation that euthanasia was "a matter of conscience", and left it at that. After which a parishioner was overheard to comment, "that was somewhere between unhelpful and worse than useless."

But with bishops like the above-mentioned leading from the front, one might be entitled to feel that "while there's life there's hope."

Warrimoo, NSW

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