Layman saint Bob Santamaria (letter)

Layman saint Bob Santamaria (letter)

J.W. McMahon

For a couple of years during the course of attendance at Mass I have had recurring thoughts on the same theme. Originally it was "write a letter to AD2000 about consideration being given to setting in motion a process to submit the name of our late and much-loved friend Bob Santamaria for canonisation as a layman saint".

Subsequently the reminder thought has been: "You still have not done anything about writing to AD2000 to find out whether others have had your same thought on this theme and/or would there be any response to it".

I feel no need to set out any great litany of his goodness or greatness at this time. Nor is there any need to discuss means and costs. I just want to discharge any obligation that I have and test the water as to whether there is any substance in my "inspiration".

Oyster Bay, NSW

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